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The Pet Plate

The World’s Best Feeding System for Finicky Furry Friends!

Does your pet refuse to eat from their food bowl? Maybe your dog barks at his bowl or your cat dumps her food on the floor? Would your pet rather eat off the floor or a paper plate? Are you tired of a pet who simply won’t eat? Say no to disgusting feeding habits and mealtime frustration.


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About Us

Meet Bandit – the inspiration for The Pet Plate!

Bandit, our shih tzu poodle wouldn’t eat from a regular feeding bowl either. For years, we thought it was his food that he was finicky about. But after careful study, several attempts at changing his food, and through lots of trial and error, we’ve found the solution that finally worked for Bandit.

The Pet Plate put an end to mealtime frustration for our family and it can for yours. Especially once you understand why your pet is refusing to eat from a bowl.

It all starts with basic animal instincts

Product Items

The Pet Plate Complete Feeding System
The Pet Plate Complete Feeding System for Finicky Pets
The Pet Plate Complete Feeding System is the World's Best Feeding System for Finicky Furry Friends. It features an 8.5" flat white porcelain plate with 1" lip and a matching 7.25" white porcelain water bowl with 2.5" lip around.
The Pet Plate
The Pet Plate - Flat Feeding Plate for Finicky Pets
The Pet Plate is an original design by KAC Industries. We designed the plate to address common feeding issues experienced by most dogs and cats. For pets who prefer to eat off the floor, this plate is the ideal clean and sanitary compromise.


My elderly dog suddenly quit eating out of his regular dog bowl. I was feeding him on a paper towel to get him to eat. This was presenting a challenge and making a mess. I tried our regular plates but the food wouldn’t stay on. I Googled “ dog plate” and came across this little plate. My dog took to eating on that plate instantly! It has a small lip so the food stays on the plate. It is beautifully made. So grateful this plate has solved my feeding problem for my dog. Now the other 2 dogs want to eat off the plate, lol.
The Pet Plate blue
I love this pet plate for feeding my little doxies! It is heavy weight and great quality. I also had one for my v. senior dog and it worked well because she couldn’t eat out of a bowl any longer. Highly recommend
The Pet Plate blue
This was a gift, but I opened it prior to sending it out. Everything about it was impressive. Good weight to the plate, glaze was done well, printing was excellent. The test came with my Mother's dog. He doesn't "bite" food but has to use his tonge so needs a plate with a small lip to help lap up the food. He loves it! That is the best review the plate can get!
The Pet Plate blue
We have a picky senior lab that is refusing to eat from his bowl and prefers a plate so he can lay down to eat. The pet plate is perfect! Seller shipped super quickly and it was packaged so nicely! Thank you!
The Pet Plate blue

10% of the proceeds of your purchase of The Pet Plate goes towards helping the Elderly Pet Organization.

Quality material

The Pet Plate is made of white porcelain, is dishwasher safe and microwave safe, and it is lead free.

Smooth shipping

Ships from Rhode Island, we ship on time, and reply quickly to any messages we receive.

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