Don’t Switch His Food

dog refusing to eat

Feeding issues with pets can be frustrating and upsetting. When an animal refuses to eat, it can be challenging and worrying for parents because they know that a pet needs to eat to survive. When our dog, Bandit refused to eat, we thought he was not happy with his food. For many years we would struggle with his feeding and he would never eat ravenously. He would always just pick at his food and make a mess. For a medium sized dog – he weighs 21 pounds, we knew he should be eating more than he did.

Frustrated by his eating habits, we switched his food many times over the years. Unfortunately, he never seemed to enjoy eating. He loved treats and eating off the floor, but he never ever liked to eat out of his bowl. We were finally at a point where we thought his health might be in jeopardy. We took him to the vet and the vet said he would eat when he is hungry enough and not to do anything differently. Unfortunately, Bandit developed kidney stones and needed surgery to remove them. After surgery, the vet recommended that we feed Bandit a special urinary health diet. This meant changing his food again.

We were so frustrated and worried that he wouldn’t eat, we started putting his food right on the floor. We felt it was unsanitary but it was the only way he would eat his new food. For a while we used a paper plate, but it moved all over the floor and looked terrible with our decor. Eventually, we used plastic lid from a cookie tin. Bandit seemed to like eating from the lid and it was more sanitary than eating off the floor.

We had the idea to develop a dish that closely resembled eating off the floor. The Pet Plate was born and Bandit has had a sanitary, visually appealing feeding system that he is finally happy with.

Photo courtesy of DogKnobit.


Help! My Pet Won’t Eat

Have you ever experienced a time when your pet won’t eat. It is extremely worrisome and frustrating when you cannot figure out why a beloved pet stops eating. For our dog, Bandit, we spent many years trying to figure out why he wouldn’t eat. He would not eat for a few days, then eat, then just pick at his food. We’d add treats or cheese to his food, but he just would not consistently eat.

Bandit is a medium sized dog who weighs about 20 pounds. But we’ve had smaller dogs over the years who were finicky eaters too. We always chalked it up to the type of food they were eating and food manufacturers preyed on this notion. We bought and tried food after food for Bandit but he was never that ravenous dog who just devoured his meals.

Many of his meals were spent barking at his dish. The only way we could get him to eat was to dump his food on the floor – GROSS!

Eating off the floor is unsanitary and food goes everywhere. It just wasn’t practical to put his food on the floor. We tried paper plates, tart pans, and other contraptions and we even tried switching his food. It wasn’t until we tried something completely unique and tested it over several months that we learned what would finally entice Bandit to eat.