Common Reasons Why Your Pet Won’t Eat

Common Reasons Why Your Pet Won’t Eat

We’ve read through many articles on why pets won’t eat, especially when our dog Bandit was not eating. Here are some of the common reasons why pets won’t eat.

  • Gastrointestinal Upset
  • Behavior Problems
  • Change in Routine
  • Picky Eater
  • Senior Pets
  • Illness
  • Recent Vaccination
  • Travel

One thing is certain, if your pet won’t eat, they should be checked by your vet to rule out any serious medical issues. If your pet receives a clean bill of health, but they still won’t eat even after you try taking the food dish away after 15 minutes, not feeding treats, etc. then you absolutely must consider the feeding system as an issue.

Believe it or not, there are many animals out there that do not like eating out of a traditional food bowl. From what we’ve observed with our dog, he hates eating from a bowl. Yes, will he eat from a bowl if he is hungry enough, sure. But he won’t eat consistently and he won’t be happy about it.

Traditional food bowls aren’t good for some pets because:

  • Sides are too high and they can’t see what’s around them
  • Tags hit the rim and scare the animal
  • They prefer eating off the ground

If your pet is scoffing at his food, don’t assume it is the food itself. The cause may be something that you’ve never considered – his feeding system.

Think you aren’t alone when it comes to feeding issues.

Here are some articles, along with hundreds of comments, about reasons why animals won’t eat and the stress their owners face as a result.

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