Animals in the Wild

Let’s face it, our cats and dogs are domesticated wild animals. In the wild, their survival depends on their awareness of their surroundings, especially when eating. A wolf or lion that is unaware of its surroundings could be attacked for its food at any time. And they can’t have their head buried inside of a bowl to fend off would-be attackers.

Furthermore, animals in the wild eat off the ground. No one prepares their meal for them in a bowl.

Most regular feeding bowls that are available for purchase have deep sides and some pets just don’t like that feature. It goes against their natural instincts.

A deep bowl:

  • Covers the animals line of sight and doesn’t allow them to observe their surroundings
  • May create noise from their pet tags hitting the bowl rim
  • Goes against the animal’s natural instinct to eat off the ground

So here’s what we’ve come up with…Read more.

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