Water: Your Pet’s Most Vital Nutrient

During summer months, animals, like people, are generally thirstier due to warmer weather. It is important that your pet drink as much water as they feel necessary. Keeping your pet’s water bowl full with clean, cool water can provide refreshment as well as vital nutrients. According to most veterinarians, a pet’s water dish should be:

  • cleaned twice per day
  • refilled with cool water (and a few ice cubes)
  • large enough to quench your pet’s thirst throughout the day
  • accessible even if your pet is outside or traveling

Don’t ever try to separate your pet from his water dish and always check the bowl to be sure it has plenty of clean water. If you notice any film in the bowl, wash it immediately. Your pet’s bowl should be as clean as your drinkware.

The Pet Plate Water Bowl is an oversized water bowl that can hold up to 18 ounces of liquid. It is larger than most water bowls on the market, but low enough to keep your pet’s sight lines visible while drinking.

Looking for an oversized water bowl for your pet? Try The Pet Plate Water Bowl.

The Pet Plate Water Bowl

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Reconsider Switching your Pet’s Food

A leading cause of animal stress is caused by dietary upset due to changing a pet’s food. Many pet owners switch foods because their pet won’t eat or because they believe their pet does not like the food that is presented. Often times, that is not the case. Most pets are not that fussy about what food they eat, they are fussy about how they are fed.

Pets are domesticated wild animals who instinctively prefer eating off the ground. But many pet owners use a round bowl with high sides to feed their pets. A bowl is counter-intuitive to a pet’s natural instincts. Pets like to see what is around them when they are eating; they prefer to have a sense of their environment while they eat. Cats even encounter whisker stress when they eat from a bowl.

This can be avoided if the proper feeding dish is used. The Pet Plate is a flat dish with sides that are high enough to keep the food in the plate, but low enough for pets to see out while they are eating. It is also low enough to prevent whisker stress in cats.

The Pet Plate Low Profile Feeding Dish

If you have a pet who is not eating, and you’ve ruled out any health issues with your vet, then before you change their food and disrupt their gastrointestinal system, consider switching their feeding dish. It may just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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