Homemade Diets for Diabetic Dogs & How The Pet Plate Helps

Many older dogs develop diabetes and feeding them can become very challenging, especially when they are insulin dependent and insulin shots require regular food consumption. As any parent of a fussy eater knows, getting your pet to eat at regular intervals can be quite challenging in and of itself. But feeding a fussy dog with diabetes who requires insulin shots can be down right frustrating.

Bandit recently was diagnosed with diabetes and our vet recommended that we consult with a pet nutritionist to create a diet specifically designed for a diabetic dog. ¬†We consulted with Dr. Remillard, a veterinary nutritional consultant and owner of Petdiets.com. For a fee, Dr. Remillard reviewed Bandit’s medical history and created a specialized diet just for him.

We knew the challenge, as is the challenge with any dietary change for almost any dog, is getting the dog to eat. As mentioned, even more important was getting Bandit to eat so that we could give him his insulin shots on a regular schedule.

As with most dogs, we introduced Bandit’s new diet slowly, but surprisingly, he took very easily to his homemade diet, especially because he got to eat his homemade meal from The Pet Plate.

Homemade diets consist of foods like rice, turkey, potatoes, cereal, etc. This mixture is definitely more appetizing to the pet when heated, but also, is messy because it is a wetter consistency than the dry food we had traditionally given him.

We don’t know what the long term prognosis for Bandit is, now that he is an insulin dependent diabetic. But one thing is certain, with his new homemade diet and The Pet Plate, he eats at regular intervals, gets his shot when he is supposed to, and is more than likely feeling much better.

If you have a dog with health issues, and you feel that switching to a homemade diet may be more beneficial to his long term health, then The Pet Plate is the perfect feeding dish to accompany the diet – not only do pets love eating from The Pet Plate, but the food can be heated in The Pet Plate and it can be washed in the dishwasher.


Fussy Dogs Rejoice

It’s the holidays and we’d like to thank all of our Pet Plate fans for a wonderful year. We are so happy to be able to provide fussy dogs around the country with an alternative that satisfies their finicky palates. Changing food can be stressful for pets, but The Pet Plate offers an alternative to this drastic tactic. Simply switching your pets feeding dish can make a tremendous difference.

Don’t take our word for it, read reviews from some of our customers to see for yourself just why people are raving about The Pet Plate – the World’s Best Feeding Solution for Finicky Pets.

Reconsider Switching your Pet’s Food

A leading cause of animal stress is caused by dietary upset due to changing a pet’s food. Many pet owners switch foods because their pet won’t eat or because they believe their pet does not like the food that is presented. Often times, that is not the case. Most pets are not that fussy about what food they eat, they are fussy about how they are fed.

Pets are domesticated wild animals who instinctively prefer eating off the ground. But many pet owners use a round bowl with high sides to feed their pets. A bowl is counter-intuitive to a pet’s natural instincts. Pets like to see what is around them when they are eating; they prefer to have a sense of their environment while they eat. Cats even encounter whisker stress when they eat from a bowl.

This can be avoided if the proper feeding dish is used. The Pet Plate is a flat dish with sides that are high enough to keep the food in the plate, but low enough for pets to see out while they are eating. It is also low enough to prevent whisker stress in cats.

The Pet Plate Low Profile Feeding Dish

If you have a pet who is not eating, and you’ve ruled out any health issues with your vet, then before you change their food and disrupt their gastrointestinal system, consider switching their feeding dish. It may just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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No More Paper Plates for Fido

Let’s face it, frustrated owners who have finicky pets often resort to feeding their dog or cat from a paper plate. Paper plates most closely resemble feeding off the ground, which many dogs and cats actually prefer. Until now that is. The Pet Plate is a revolutionary pet feeding system designed for finicky furry friends. Remove unsightly paper plates that move all around the floor and look terrible. A porcelain white, flat plate (with sides) from The Pet Plate will complement your kitchen decor and stay put when your furry friend eats from it. Order the complete feeding system to add the matching water bowl to your set.

Say “no” to feeding your finicky furry friend from a paper plate. Say “yes” to The Pet Plate.