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Introducing – The Pet Plate Complete Feeding System.

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Learn more about Why The Pet Plate was developed…

Does your pet refuse to eat from their food bowl? Maybe your dog barks at his bowl or your cat dumps her food on the floor?

Would your pet rather eat off the floor or a paper plate? Are you tired of a pet who simply won’t eat? Say no to disgusting feeding habits and mealtime frustration.

Meet Bandit – the inspiration for The Pet Plate!

Bandit, our shih tzu poodle wouldn’t eat from a regular feeding bowl either. For years, we thought it was his food that he was finicky about. But after careful study, several attempts at changing his food, and through lots of trial and error, we’ve found the solution that finally worked for Bandit.

The Pet Plate put an end to mealtime frustration for our family and it can for yours. Especially once you understand why your pet is refusing to eat from a bowl.

It all starts with basic animal instincts. Read more…

10% of the proceeds of your purchase of The Pet Plate goes towards helping the Elderly Pet Organization.

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