People are raving about The Pet Plate – how something so simple can help pets with their feeding issues. Read our reviews on Etsy to see for yourself what people have to say about The Pet Plate.

Here are just a few comments left by our customers.

“My strange Dachshund puppy won’t eat out of his bowl but will eat off of the floor, I tried a regular plate but he made such a mess with his food, this plate solves both problems, who would think something so simple like a plate with sides on it would be such a great help, my puppy happily eats all of his meals on this plate. Very pleased with my purchase.”

“Both dogs are eating from the plates. I purchased them for my very picky mini poodle mix , she also would get scared of the noise of her bowl inserts and would stop eating, now not a problem, it took a few days but now they both eat from them. Thank you.” ~ Karoline F

 “It took a few moments for my Shih-Tzu to eat from it but now she loves it because she can eat her food without having to chase it around the plate. Also no more eating off the floor!” ~ Chelsea H
“Great product! Our dog seems to eat his food much better/quicker than with the bowl!” ~Shirley C

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